Founded in 2014, the Laboratory of Bariatric and Nutritional Neuroscience at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center aims to improve our understanding of the brain basis of eating behavior and obesity through research spanning behavior, clinical methods, and nutrition.

Eating Behavior

We specialize in creating new methodologies to study human eating behavior from programmable meal technology using a multi-touch surface computer to eye-tracking and measuring brain activity during the meal.

Clinical Trials

Our expertise includes designing and running clinical trials that improve health and weight-loss outcomes through clinical trials using neuromodulation.


We conduct studies examining the relationships between nutrients and brain health as well as the complex links between our behavior, brains, and the foods we eat.


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We foster innovation and discovery by bringing together a collaborative team of scientists with diverse skills and research interests
Miguel Alonso Alonso, MD PhD

Miguel Alonso Alonso, MD PhD

Director & Co-Founder

Hailing from Galicia, Spain, Dr. Alonso-Alonso cofounded the lab in 2014 with the goal of bringing Neuroscience to the field of Obesity

George L Blackburn, MD PhD

George L Blackburn, MD PhD


A pioneer in the fields of Obesity Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Blackburn co-founded the Lab to inject innovation into research in those fields.

Greta Magerowski

Greta Magerowski

Research and Technology Manager

Greta joined the lab in 2014 and specializes in developing neuro-cognitive computer tasks and in research implementation.

Priscila Giacomo Fassini

Priscila Giacomo Fassini

Post-doctoral research fellow

Priscila joins us from the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto and is conducting research on the efficacy of tDCS in a weight-loss intervention.

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